Commercial and Industrial Scaffold Hire Malaga WA


Red Venom Scaffolds offers better commercial and industrial scaffold hire Malaga WA and surrounding areas. With years of experience in construction and the building industry, we are your local Malaga scaffold hire service.

Why Choose Us?

Whilst, undoubtedly, there are many scaffold hire service providers, especially in Malaga, we aim to be the best. First of all, we are the cheapest aluminium scaffold hire service in the metropolitan area. This means that it is a given that you will receive the best value for money when hiring construction equipment from us.

In addition, to this, we are experts in customer service. From the moment we handle your enquiry, you will find us authoritative on your needs, courteous, and respectful. We will attend to your enquiry promptly, and will deal with it in a manner that will leave you a happy, and satisfied client.

We don’t just supply equipment, we can deliver your scaffolds throughout Malaga, install them, and remove them. The great thing is that our affordability extends to these extra services as well. Our affordability is a foundation of our scaffold hire service, as you will discover.

When it comes to hire periods, there is a minimum of 3 days hire required. The total cost will be the cost of hire of the scaffolding, the deliver and pickup, and the install, if required.

We can cater for every construction or maintenance need in Malaga WA, whether you have a showroom, factory or other industrial facility, or, a place of residence undergoing rebuild or renovations. Our scaffolding is available from 2 metres up to 6 metres, meaning that we can cater for just about every need possible. Our full price list is available here.


Simply fill out our contact form on the homepage, and we’ll get back to you in a flash!